Introducing Horizon Timepiece very first watch, the Stealth Automatic - an ergonomic automatic watch designed with the user in mind. The Stealth Automatic allows the user to quickly glance at the side to see the time, instead of flipping the wrist and appearing rude in settings such as meetings or dates.


Looking at your watch may come off as being uninterested or in a rush. You may simply want to know the time but the gesture may offend someone else unknowingly. That is why we at Horizon Timepiece decided to design the Stealth Automatic to solve these problems. We came up with a way to remove the unnecessary movement of flipping your wrist when checking the time. This will allow your action to be less detectable. The side of the watch which is facing you most of the time, can now display the time as well.

In order to create this one-of-a-kind watch, we have redesigned the case, glass and hands. The uniquely shaped watch glass allows time to be seen from the side of the watch. The Roman numerals are laser cut onto the upper watch case that sits on top of the watch glass, giving it its iconic look. Time can be read from both the face and side of the watch. The numbers and markings on the side move in a 12-hour rotation to indicate the time. 


We aspire to design ergonomic watches with a unique aesthetic. Our watches are constructed to read the time effortlessly on any occasion. We would love to be part of your daily life.

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